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Tulsi and Vata Disorders, Rheumatism and Painful Joints


Tulsi possesses the property of curing disorders caused by variations in the proportion of the vata humour in the body. If there are neuralgic pains due to excessive formation of vata, Tulsi decoction will prove beneficial. In case of pain in the joints, Tulsi leaf juice would be more appropriate.

The five parts, namely the roots, leaves, inflorescences, twigs and seeds of a plant constitute what is collectively known as its ‘panchang’. The panchang of Tulsi, with each of its parts having its own specific curative properties is of importance therapeutics. Take equal amounts of each of these five parts of the Tulsi plant. Grind them together, and pass through a fine mesh. Ten grams of this mixture mixed with an equal amount of aged jaggery, and taken with goat’s milk every morning and evening will relieve the pain in joints.

Repeated administration of 5 grams of a mixture of the juices of Shyama Tulsi, garlic and Onions, and smearing the mixed juices all over the body is beneficial in tetanus as well as spasms due to other causes.

Taking 5 grams each of Tulsi juice and ginger regularly for a few days will also cure disorders by vata. Tulsi juice to which powdered black pepper and honey have been added is also effective in curing such disorder.

Another effective treatment for this kind of disorders is an extract prepared by boiling Tulsi leaves and the roots of the castor plant. The extract is to be allowed to cool and taken with honey.

The use of a decoction of Tulsi leaves for bathing and for the fomentation of the joints is effective in the treatment of rheumatism.

Pain in the joints can be relieved by applying a poultice of a paste of Tulsi leaves, castor leaves and saindhav (rock salt). Tulsi seed powder is a good remedy for muscular pain.

Regular treatment with Tulsi juice over a period of a few years will eliminate all abnormalities of blood caused by excess of vata.

Fomentation with steam from the boiling decoction of the five parts (panchang) of the Van Tulsi plant is beneficial in all paralytic conditions such as paralysis of the torso, facial paralysis, paralysis caused by mercury poisoning and paralysis caused by abnormal functioning of the glands 0f the body due to excess of vata.

The following measures are beneficial in the treatment of paraplegia :

Wash the affected parts with an extract of the panchang of the Tulsi plant.

Apply a paste of crushed Tulsi seeds over the affected parts.

Prepare an extract of the leaves, roots and flowers of the following five plants Tulsi, neem, bill (bilwa), indrajav and ganjari. Massage the affected parts with the extract while it is still fairly hot. Drink suitable quantities of the extract at intervals.


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