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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi in Homeopathy


Homeopathy also recognised the importance of Tulsi, and numerous experiments have been carried out on healthy persons to ascertain its physiological action. As a result of this, Tulsi has won an eminent position in the Homeopathic medicine.

Tulsi has been used extensively in the treatment of disorders of women such as prolapse of the vagina, pain in the labia majora, chest pains, soreness in the breasts, itching and obesity, and especially disorders of the urino-genital system. Anal constriction, sharp pains in the ureters, acidic urine, malodorous and turbid urine, deepening of the reddish or yellowish tinge in the colour of urine, passing blood or pus in urine, bladder stones, soreness in the kidneys (especially in the right kidney), etc., are conditions in which treatment with Tulsi has been found to be beneficial.

It has been found that Tulsi is being successfully used in the treatment of pneumonia, typhoid, influenza, diseases of the chest, brain, skin, stomach, intestines, eyes, mouth, ears; throat, face, urinary tract, etc., as well as infantile diarrhoea, worms, pyrexia and fevers accompanying teething.

‘Ram Tulsi’ is generally used for the treatment of constipation and similar conditions, especially when children have coughs, colds and fever along with constipation. This variety of Tulsi is particularly efficacious in gonorrhoeal dysuria, with pus being passed with urine.

‘Marva’ Tulsi, too, is widely used in cases of gonorrhoea and of semen passing with urine. It has a beneficial effect on the kidneys and the urinary system. Therefore, it is used to treat conditions like uremia, inflammation of the kidneys, retention of urine and the initial stages of gonorrhoea, characterized by excessive urination accompanied by a burning sensation, with pus in the urine.

Warning :

If Tulsi juice is to be warmed, absolutely no honey should be mixed with it. Honey must never be warmed, or mixed with hot substances. Warmed honey is toxic. As far as possible, aged honey should be used in medicinal applications and fresh honey for nutritional and invigorating action. Aged honey has a moderating effect on the three humours of vata, pitta and kapha, whereas fresh honey stimulates the secretion of the humours.


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