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Treatment of Poisons


In case of poisoning, maximum possible amount of Tulsi juice should be taken. Because this will help in neutralizing and deactivating the poison.

If opium or any other poisonous material like datura or aconite has been inadvertently imbibed, give the patient a paste of Tulsi leaves mixed with ghee obtained from cow’s milk. One hundred to five hundred grammes of ghee should be given in this manner, depending on the condition of the patient. If no improvement is noticed even after this treatment, a similar quantity of the mixture should be administered at intervals, till the effects of the poison disappear.

Gargling with Tuisi extract gives relief in mercury poisoning. Continued treatment with the extract will reduce the pain and the salivation caused by mercury.

Administering 50 grammes of Tulsi juice every day will eliminate the effects of calomel poisoning in a week.

From Charak-samhita, it has been extracted that in case of snake-bite, a paste obtained by grinding together seeds of aconite, Tulsi, indrayan, satodi, piludi and black saras should be applied to the bite, a few drops of it should be introduced into the nostrils, and the patient made to swallow some of it.

A paste of crushed Tulsi leaves with butter or ghee obtained from cow’s milk should be applied to the bite of a snake. The paste will gradually darken under the effect of the poison. The darkened paste should be washed off and fresh paste applied. Repetition of this procedure will draw out the poison.

The victim of a snake-bite should be asked to chew some seeds of Bubai-Barbari Tulsi. The stem of this variety of Tulsi has a rough surface.When the seeds have been chewed to a thin paste, the patient should swallow half of it, and the rest of it should be applied on the bite. Quick relief can be obtained.

The poison spreading from the bite of a snake can be rendered inactive by giving Tulsi leaf juice to the victim, dropping a little juice into the eyes and ears, and applying a paste obtained by crushing and grinding the roots of the plant at the location of the bite. A paste of the crushed inflorescences will also serve the purpose.

Snake poison can be deactivated by administering every two hours a mixture obtained by crushing together 20 leaves of a Tulsi plant with 10 black pepper seeds.

If the victim of a snake-bite has lost consciousness, incisions should be made on the crown of his head, and leaves of the dark variety of Tulsi put on the incisions with a bandage to hold them in place. The juice of crushed leaves can be substituted for the leaves. This treatment will counter the effects of the poison, and the patient will regain consciousness.

If bitten by a snake, one should drink the juice obtained by crushing and grinding Tulsi, jatamansi, saffron, turmeric, red sandalwood, pure manashil, nakhi, tamal patra, cinnamon and tagar with sufficient water. The juice should also be dropped into the nose and the eyes. This will destroy the poisons and the swelling caused by the poison will subside.

Applying the paste obtained by grinding roots of a Tulsi plant with a woman’s breast milk to the eyes, in a manner similar to that of applying carbon black or kajal, and dropping some of this liquid into the nostrils, will bring immediate relief to a person who has lost consciousness due to the bite of a snake.

If the victim of a snake-bite is sinking, and is in immediate danger of death, he should be given pills rolled from Tulsi, mulethi, powdered wood turmeric, kooth, turmeric and gopitta. The condition of the victim will improve.

Applying the paste of Tulsi leaves and roots ground together on the sting of a sorpion will completely eliminate the effects of the poison.

If stung by a scorpion, rub the paste of Tulsi 1eaves and inflorescences over the sting. Crush a few leaves of Tulsi with cow’s urine and lemon juice, and apply the paste over the region of the sting like an embrocation. Chew some Tulsi leaves. Grind together 20 grammes of Tulsi leaves and 15 black pepper seeds with water, and apply the paste on the sting.

The pain caused by the sting of a wasp can be relieved by drinking Tulsi juice and applying it on the sting.

The poison of a rat is destroyed by applying a mixture of Tulsi juice and opium.

The poison of a rat can also be destroyed by making incisions at the site of the bite with a sharp penknife and applying a paste obtained by rubbing a cow’s tooth on a grindstone with Tulsi juice, mixing manashil with the paste, and applying the paste over the incisions.

Relief can be obtained from the painful effects of the poison of the bite of a centipede by administering at intervals of every fifteen minutes, 50 grammes of Tulsi juice mixed with ghee obtained from cow’s milk and 5 grammes of black pepper powder.

To get rid of bugs and mosquitoes, mix Tulsi juice with an insecticide or with kerosene and use the mixture as a spray.

If your cot is infested with bed-bugs, place a few twigs of the wild variety of Tulsi on the cot. The bugs will quickly run away. Mosquitoes, too, will not approach the cot. Even moles and snakes cannot bear the smell of the Tulsi twigs, and will keep away from the cot.

In case of a sting or a bite of any poisonous insect or animal, rub the location of the sting or bite immediately with a few crushed Tulsi leaves. This will ensure a reduction in the severity of the effects of the poison.

If poison of any sort has been imbibed, the victim should go on drinking as much Tulsi juice as possible. This will ameliorate the effects of the poison.


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