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Therapeutic Applications of Tulsi


Tulsi can be described as "Immortality Herb". It plays a very important part in the elimination of various kinds of toxins, or poisons. The presence of poisons in the body is not merely due to stings of poisonous insects such as wasps and scorpions, or bites of snakes, monkeys, rabid dogs, etc. because these are poisons that can enter the body from outside. But there are also poisons that are generated inside the body, and manifest themselves in the form of various disorders like furuncles, pustules, itching, cancer, malaria, cholera, etc. These poisons entering the blood-stream destroy the red blood corpuscles and contaminate the blood. This weakens the body and renders it vulnerable to various illnesses.

Tulsi can destroy the poisons generated in the body due to irregularity in food habits and life-style, lack of self-control and weakness, as well as the poisons that have entered the body through stings and bites.

Some tried and tested remedial procedures involving the use of Tulsi are :

If diluted juice of Tulsi leaves is taken on an empty stomach every morning, it helps in the development of bodily strength, memory and an impressive personality. Drinking Tulsi decoction with a little sugar and cow’s milk gives energy and removes fatigue. Daily ingestion of Tulsi juice maintains the digestive efficiency of the stomach and promotes appetite. If Tulsi juice with a little salt in it is dropped into the nostrils of an unconscious person the person quickly regains consciousness. The same mixture is effective in curing hiccups too.

Tulsi quickly reduces blood cholesterol to normal levels. Daily use of Tulsi removes acidity, cures dysentery, etc. and is very beneficial in muscular pain, colds, lucoderma, obesity, headaches, etc. It is a very effective remedy for some disorders of children, particularly colds, diarrhoea, vomiting and congestion due to kapha. The use of Tulsi is astonishingly beneficial in heart disease and the weakness and other ailments incidental to it.

Tulsi is equally beneficial in diseases of men, women and children. And its chief merit is that its use is always beneficial, and causes absolutely no adverse effects.

If one takes Tulsi seeds daily with betel leaves, the amounts of blood and semen will increase and impotence will be cured.

If eleven Tulsi leaves are taken with four black pepper seeds, malaria, periodic fever and all other ailments will be cured.

If regularity in food habits and lifestyle is not observed, many disorders of vata may result, one of which as gradhrasi-vata, characterised by pain in one of the nerves of the body. Pain similar to that caused by a sharp object is experience in the hip joints, waist, back, abdomen, thighs or feet. There may be frequent attacks of trembling in the hip joints. The pain may occur at any location from the waist to the feet. If steam from boiling water containing Tulsi leaves is used for fomentation of the affected part, much relief is obtained.

Elderly people who have been taking Tulsi regularly do not experience the weakness that is generally associated with old age. On the contrary, they are full of energy and enthusiasm, and possess considerably greater powers of resistance to diseases.

Tulsi-based medicines should normally be taken only once a day in the early morning on an empty stomach, after the daily morning bodily functions. A daily morning dose of two to three spoonfuls of Tulsi-leaf juice taken on an empty stomach helps to develop bodily strength, memory and an impressive personality. In case of relatively greater discomfort, the juice can be taken two or three times in a day.

Tulsi becomes even more efficient when its use is accompanied by Yogic asanas and breath-control exercises.

Each of the parts of the Tulsi plant such as the leaves, seeds and twigs possesses medicinal properties. Its roots reduce the virulence of fevers. Its seeds thicken the semen (confer virility) and possess extraordinary powers of increasing the efficiency of digestive organs.

Whether one wants to lose weight or to gain weight, Tulsi is equally beneficial, helping to develop a healthy and well-proportioned body. Tulsi has proved to be an infallible remedy for poor digestion, lack of appetite, constipation, flatulence, acidity and other disorders of the digestive tract.


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