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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi aid for Heart and other Diseases


Take 5 grams of Tulsi leaves and 5 grams of the of the brahmi plant. Grind them to powder. Stir the powder into a glassful of water, strain the suspension, and add sugar. This drink strengthens memory. It is also beneficial in cases of mental disorders like hysteria mania, etc. if taken every day, the drink confers great benefits.

Rub Tulsi roots on a flat stone like sandalwood, and apply the resulting paste over the forehead. This will alleviate headache, and relieve mental tension. If pains develop in the heart, chewing eight or ten leaves of Tulsi with two or three black pepper seeds will produce a magical effect.

If there is pain in the flanks, chest or heart, drink 10 to 20 grams of Tulsi juice, and massage the affected part with the juice. Grind Tulsi leaves to a paste and apply the paste too over the painful areas. The pain will subside.

Regular daily ingestion of finely powdered dried Tulsi roots will cure disorders of the brain and the nerves. Inhaling the smoke formed when the inflorescence of Van Tulsi and black pepper are sprinkled on glowing coals wilt cure a headache. Headache can be cured by drinking half a spoonful of Tulsi juice mixed with half a spoonful of lemon juice.

If one takes five leaves of Tulsi with water after the morning bath, any weakness of the brain is removed, and both memory and intellectual capacity are increased.

Heart disease can be cured by taking 2 grams of powdered Tulsi leaves with 4 grams of the powdered bark of the Arjun tree. The deposition of fats can be arrested by taking Tulsi juice mixed with honey regularly every day for some time.

Massage with a thin paste of ground fresh Tulsi leaves is of great benefit in cases of epilepsy. This treatment should be given regularly over a period of many days at a stretch.

A paste formed by rubbing a little camphor on a flat stone with Tulsi juice and applied on the forehead, like sandalwood paste, relieves headache immediately. Pain in the external ear or in the region behind the ear is also alleviated by the application, of a warmed paste of equal parts of Tulsi and tender shoots of the castor oil plant crushed together, with some saindhav salt.

To improve your memory :
Swallow five leaves of the Tulsi plant with water every morning.
Crush together 8 to 10 Tulsi leaves, 45 black pepper seeds 24 almonds and a little honey.
Regular ingestion of this preparation greatly improves the powers of the brain.

Treatment for electric shock :
If a person has received n electric shock either by touching a wire carrying an electric current, or by lightning, massage the face and the head of the victim with Tulsi juice. This will restore him to consciousness.

Curing hereditary diseases :
It is considered almost impossible to cure or prevent hereditary diseases. In this matter allopathy treatment is ineffective. Other systems of medicine have also failed. But Tulsi possesses a special capacity to free the body from all abnormalities. There is no difficulty in curing even hereditary diseases.

For strengthening the heart :
The heart can be strenghthened by regular daily ingestion of 57 leaves of Tulsi, 34 black pepper seeds and 34 almonds. This treatment should be taken throughout the winter season every year.

Add some saindhav salt to Tulsi juice and boil it well. Instilling 24 drops of this juice into the nostrils will restore a person who has fainted to consciousness.

Tulsi is a highly efficacious remedy for anaemia. Regular use of Tulsi, effects a very rapid increase, in the number c the red blood corpuscles.

All kinds of wounds heal quickly and even broken bones join very rapidly when treated suitably with Tulsi.

Allopathic doctors have no cure for chronic migraine. But regular treatment with Tulsi will cure it.

Cut dried twigs or stems of Tulsi plants with scissors into beads of the size of large pearls. Sort the piece according to different sizes. String together beads of a uniforrn size with the help of a needle, or get them set in gold or a silver chain. Wearing such a necklace of Tulsi beads protects one from infectious diseases, as the germs of the diseases cannot come near the wearer.

Swallowing five leaves of Tulsi every morning also protects one from infectious diseases.


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