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Health and Holy Tulsi



Fever Remedy


  • Tulsi juice is highly beneficial in cases of malarial fevers. Malarial attack can be aborted by taking two or four leaves of the plant crushed with black pepper, or, if suffering from a cold as well, by drinking a decoction of the mixture.

  • A decoction of Tulsi, black pepper and jaggery should he drunk while it is hot, after adding some lemon juice. After the drink, one should lie down and at intervals of 3 hours.

  • Warm equal amounts cover oneself with a warm blanket. This procedure should be repeated ever two or three hours. This treatment will cure malaria.

  • Grind 10 grammes of Tulsi leaves and 10 black pepper seeds to a very smooth paste, roll the paste into pea-sized pills, and dry them in the shade. Two of these pills should be taken with water of the juices of Tulsi leaves and tender twigs of neem with some black peppers, and drink it while it is warm.

  • A malaria patient should be given a decoction of Tulsi roots. This will induce profuse perspiration and bring the temperature down.

  • Malaria can be cured by taking 10 grammes of Tulsi juice every morning, noon and evening.

  • Alternatively, 10 grammes of Tulsi juice mixed with 5 grams of ginger juice can be taken with equal success.

  • Dry Tulsi leaves in the shade and bake them in a pan over a medium flame. Take 15 grammes of such leaves. Take one gramme each of cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon and yeshti madhu, and powder them together. Drop all these into 100 grammes of boiling water, and take it off the fire after two minutes. Allow the decoction to cool for 5 minutes and then strain it. Drink the decoction after adding sugar and milk to taste.

  • 100 grammes of Tulsi leaves and 10 grammes each of nutmeg, small peepar seeds, and black pepper seeds are ground together, formed into pea-sized pills and dried in the shade. One of these pills should be taken four times a day at intervals of three hours.

  • Grind 60 grammmes of Tulsi leaves, petals of mandar flowers, petals of datura flowers and 10 grammes of black pepper with some water. Roll the paste into pea-sized pills. If two of these pills are taken at intervals of one hour, before the anticipated attack of malaria, the attack will be prevented.

  • Grind 10 grammes of Tulsi leaves, 40 grammes of gram (kangani) powder, 20 grammes of katlee leaves and 10 grammes of black pepper together, and prepare pea-sized pills. Take two of these pills with an interval of one hour between them before the anticipated attack of malaria.


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