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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi aid and Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat Diseases


Chewing Tulsi and leaves is beneficial for mouth ulcers. Chewing four or five leaves of Tulsi two to four times a day, especially after meals, will clean the mouth, remove bad odours emanating from the mouth and get rid of a bad taste in the mouth. A regular use of Tulsi will in fact cure all disorders of the mouth.

Toothache is alleviated by rubbing the teeth with the juice of Tulsi leaves mixed with black pepper powder and salt. Placing a pill made from the paste of Tulsi leaves under an aching tooth will also alleviate the pain. Pills rolled from a paste prepared by grinding black pepper with the juice of Tulsi leaves are also effective, pressing a paste of Tulsi leaves and black pepper on an aching tooth will also relieve toothache.

Grind Tulsi leaves, camphor and do a paste and roll into pills. Keeping these pressed under the teeth affords relief in pyorrhoea and other disorders of the teeth. Brushing the teeth with the powder of dried Tulsi leaves is beneficial.

Grind 5grams of Tulsi seeds, 5grams of raswanti, 5 grams of mango ginger and 2 grams of opium with the pulp of kunvarpatha. Applying this paste around the eyes alleviates pain.

Dropping Tulsi juice into the eyes relieves soreness of the eyes and is also beneficial in other eye disorders. Tulsi juice mixed with honey, strained and stored in a glass bottle, constitutes exeilent medicinal eye-drops.

Take equal quantities of Tulsi, turmeric, white sarasao (sarason), bhangaro (bhringrai) and indigo. Grind to a paste. Application of this paste benefits the eyes.

Take plenty of Tulsi leaves and cook them in sarason 0i1. When the leaves have blackened due to charring, take the oil off the fire and strain it. Instillation of two drops of this oil into the ears is beneficial in disorders of the ears.

Boil Tulsi leaves and whole (unbroken) seeds of black pepper in it (seasame) oil, and strain the oil. Instilling this oil into the ears cures deafness, and suppuration of the ears.

Pain in the external ear is alleviated to a considerable extent by massaging with Tulsi leaf juice. Earache, inflammation of the inner ear and deafness are cured by regularly instilling drops of the mixed juice of green Tulsi infloresences and Tulsi leaves. Deafness can also be cured by instilling into the ears the juice of Van Tulsi leaves strained through cloth. Earache is alleviated by instilling a mixture of the juices of Tulsi leaves and maize leaves.

If the nasal passages are infected with microorganisms due to dacryocystitis, with consequent emanation of bad odour, the vapours from a mixture of Tulsi leaf juice anj camphor should be inhaled. If there is pain in the nasal passages or a furuncle has developed in the passages, a mixture of powdered Tulj leaves and powdered kernels of the stones of the jujube (ber) fruit should be inhaled, and the mixed powder should also be applied on the affected area. A nosebleed can be stanched by repeatedly inhaling the medicinal vapours given off by Tulsi inflorescences.

The juice of Tulsi leaves mixed with honey and licked without additional water is beneficial in case of sore throat.


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