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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi and Women's Diseases


Because of the ascribed feminity of the tulsi plant, it has been named accordingly. The scriptures regard it as dear to Lord Vishnu. It is therefore of special value in the treatment of diseases of women, and in promoting their health.

The labour pains are less severe and delivery is easier by tying Tulsi roots to the waist.
By regular treatment with Tulsi, the excessive bleeding can be reduced and ultimately stopped.

Grind two grams of each of these ingredients: dry (stone) ginger, gum from the bark of a neem tree, ajwan seeds, tamal patra, and equal amounts of the five parts of the Tulsi plant. The powder so prepared is boiled in 100 grammes of water till one-fourth of the water remains. The extract is cooled and strained. Such extract should be taken regularly.

If half a glass of water boiled with Tulsi leaves is taken for each of the three days starting from the day of menstruation, the probability of conception is greatly reduced. This method of contraception is especially useful as it does not harm the genital organs. On the contrary they are rendered healthier and more potent.

If Tulsi is worshipped with sincerity and faith, and used according to the prescribed rituals, all physical and mental disorders are cured and the reproductive organs become capable of conception. In such a case, the boiled extract of leaves as well as powdered seeds and syrup are also useful. The extract should be taken for some days to purify the tissues and organs, and then the preparation of the seeds should be taken to strengthen the uterus. This will certainly increase the probability of achieving motherhood.

Itching of the skin over the abdomen and the breast of a pregnant woman is relieved by the application of the paste of Van Tulsi.

Cumin seeds ground in Tulsi juice and mixed with fresh milk of a cow have a beneficial effect in leucorrhoea and they also improve the general health of the woman.

If the menstrual flow is excessive, causing dizziness, Tulsi juice mixed with honey will give quick relief.

Tulsi seeds soaked overnight for twelve hours in water, crushed well in the morning and administered with sugar relieve the pains consequent upon delivery.

Breast milk will improve in quality if the women is given a mixture of 20 grams of Tulsi juice, 20 gram of the juice of maize leaves, 10 grams of the juice, extract of asgandh (ashwagandha), and 10 grams of honey for seven days following delivery.

Leucorrhoea can be completely cured by treatment with 20 grams of Tulsi juice with rice water, meanwhile restricting the diet to rice and milk, or rice and ghee for the duration of the treatment.

Regular use of powdered roots of Tulsi enfolded betel leaves stops the bleeding of the internal lining the stomach.

The adhesive property of Tulsi seeds makes them especially effective in diseases of the reproductive system of a woman. Treatment with the seeds ground and suspended in water for three days beginning from the first day of the menstrual flow will help the woman to conceive, as this treatment purifies the uterus. If this treatment is given to any infertile woman for a year, she is sure to conceive.

If the uterus is diseased or weak, so that every conception ends in miscarriage, regular treatment with Tulsi will make the uterus healthy and strong, and the woman will become the mother of a beautiful and healthy baby.

One gramme of each of the following ingredients is taken Tulsi seeds, naagkesar, ashwagandha, and palash peepal. These are then ground to a powder that is fine enough to pass through cloth. To this powder are added to 10 grams of cow’s milk and some sugar. Administration of this preparation will restore regularity of menstruation within two months, even in the case of a woman who has stopped menstruating for some reason.

Drinking Tulsi juice will lessen the severity of labour pains.


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