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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi and Men's Diseases


Leaves of Tulsi, hadiakarshan and amarvel, and droppings of camels are crushed and boiled in cow’s urine to form a thick paste. Application of this paste in a thick layer on the scrotum is beneficial in hydrocele.

A drink prepared by soaking 10 grams of Tulsi seeds overnight in one cup of water, mashing them well in the liquid and adding sugar will relieve dysuria.

10 grammes of Tulsi juice taken with 5 grammes of water and cow’s milk relieves dysuria and a burning sensation in the urinary passage.

Dysuria can also be relieved by drinking a mixture of 10 grammes of Tulsi juice and 10 grammes of lemon juice.

Chewing a few leaves of Tulsi daily for a few days is also beneficial in dysuria.

In case of difficulty in or stoppage of urination, drinking Tulsi juice with double its quantity of grape juice, sugarcane juice or coconut milk will induce profuse urination.

Small pieces of Tulsi roots chewed with betel leaves will also prevent nocturnal emissions.

Regular ingestion of an extract of Tulsi leaves, cardamoms and 10 grams of sudhamooli prepared by boiling them with water is beneficial in the prevention of nocturnal emissions. The drink is nutritious too.

Thinness of Seminal Fluid (Inadequacy of sperm-count) :

Powder 50 grams or Tulsi seeds and 60 grams of sugar together. Take 5 grams of this powder with cow’s milk every day.

Take 50 grams of Tulsi leaves, 40 grams of 40 grams of the pods of poshi, 30 grams of kava seeds, 50 grams of gokhru (small caltrops) and 60 grams of sugar. Grind all these together to a powder fine enough to pass through cloth. Take. 10 grammes of this powder with cow’s milk every day.

Take 5 grammes each of Tulsi seeds, sudhamooli, small cardamom seeds, musli and white gokhru, and powder them. Take 5 grams of this powder and 5 grams of sugar with milk every morning and evening.

Premature Ejaculation :

Cut Tulsi roots into thin slices. These slices taken with betel leaves increase the power of retention.
5 grams of powdered Tulsi leaves taken with betel leaves are also beneficial.

Two grams of a mixture obtained by crushing Tulsi roots and surti kand (elephant yam) together, taken with betel leaves will also prove beneficial.

Take 50 grams of Tulsi seeds, 40 grams of musli and 60 grams of crystal sugar, and powder them together. 10 grams of this mixture taken with cow’s milk every day will improve the quality of the seminal fluid.

Sujak is a urinary disease related to chancroid. This disease is treated in the following manner : 5 grams each of Tulsi seeds, seeds of small cardamoms and nitre are powdered together. 5 grammes of this powder are Swallowed, followed by a drink of milk diluted with double its quantity of water. This lassi should be drunk in as large an amount as possible. It will prove highly beneficial. Of Course, no sugar or any other substance should be added to it.

Prepare a smooth paste by grinding Tulsi seeds with a little water. Boil the paste with twice its amount of neem oil. Let the mixture boil till the paste is blackened by the beat. Let the oil cool, separate it from the charred particles, and apply the oil on the sores caused by syphilis. This oil is highly beneficial in the treatment of other sores and wounds too.

If there is pain and a burning sensation in the urinary passage while passing urine, prepare a mixture of 12 grams of milk, 125 grams of water, and 20 to 30 grams of Tulsi leaf juice, and drink it up.

Tulsi seeds yield a very sticky paste. They are useful in disorders of the urinary tract. Tulsi roots are reputed to greatly augment the powers of retention. They exhibit adhesive properties when ground, and their paste become very sticky in a short time. That is why they are generally taken as a suspension in water or after mixing with things like jaggery.

In case of thinness of the seminal fluid, make a practice of taking 15 grams of Tulsi seeds with 30 grams of aged sugar syrup every morning and evening.

Soak 5 grams of Tulsi seeds overnight in 125 grams of water. In the morning, mash them thoroughly and drink the suspension. Regular and continued use of this preparation will prove of benefit in gonorrhoea, dysuria and allied diseases.

Mix Tulsi seeds and jaggery. Roll into pea-sized pills. If one of these pills is taken every morning and evening with cow’s milk for four months, there will be an increase in the rate of formation of semen, the blood vessels will be strengthened, digestion will improve and impotence will be cured. However hopeless the condition of the man may have become, his sexual potency will be restored completely.

Tulsi seeds ground with cumin seeds and sugar, taken with milk, are efficacious in the treatment of pains caused by stones in the bladder, burning sensation while passing urine and inflammation in the perineal region.

Crushed Tulsi seeds taken with honey will cure all abnormalities of the genital system, including nocturnal emissions, gonorrhoea, etc.

Regular use of Tulsi seeds eliminates pain accompaniying urination.

Soak 10 grams of Tulsi root powder in a cupful of water in the evening. Grind it well in the morning, mix well and strain the suspension. Drinking this extract daily will cure gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea can also be cured by taking 40 grams of powdered Tulsi seeds and 12 grams of aged jaggery with milk collected straight from the teats of a cow. This will also improve the quality of the seminal fluid. The treatment should be continued for 40 days.

Nocturnal emissions can be prevented by taking equal amounts of powdered Tulsi leaves, sheetalchini (cubebs) powder and camphor with cold water at the time of going to bed.

Take 100 grams of Tulsi leaves, 20 grams each of chopchini, taseemkhana, peeparimool, naagkesar and akkalgaro (palatory root). Grind each of these separately to a fine powder, and soak each one in aged honey, using in all 200 grams of honey. Keep aside for 24 hours. Prepare a thick syrup of 500 grams of white (refined) sugar. Let it cocyl. Then stir the soaked ingredients along with the honey into the syrup. Now grind 100 grams each of saffron, seeds of small cardanloms and Javantri (mace) to a fine powder, add these powders also to the syrup, stir Well and store in a glass jar. 10 to 20 grams of this. Preparation are to be taken regularly with cow’s milk Sweetened with sugar, the amount being adjusted according to the state of your health. This proves efficacious in curing deterioration in the quality of the seminal fluid, loss of through urine, and other allied disorders.

Regular ingestion of seeds of Van Tulsi soaked in water and mixed with crystal sugar powder is a good remedy for dysuria. The same treatment continued for a sufficiently long period will cure all other diseases of the urino-genital system.

Debility can be successfully treated by regular administration of the five parts of the Tulsi plant (leaves, seeds, etc.) powdered together with crystal sugar.


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