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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi and Children's Diseases


In the treatment of children diseases, tulsi constitutes a very mild and harmless medication. Many of children’s disorders such as fevers, coughs, regurgitation of milk, difficulty in breathing, etc., yield very promptly to treatment with Tulsi. Tulsi juice should be warmed before it is given to children.

For fever caused by a cold, Tulsi juice should be smeared on the chest and forehead. The child should be made to inhale the vapours emanating from the juice, and should also be given a teaspoonful of the juice with half a teaspoonful of honey.

In case of dry cough, the child should be given tender Shoots of Tulsi and ginger crushed together and mixed with honey. This paste is to be licked, not swallowed with water. If a baby is given Tulsi juice regularly before teething, it will cut its teeth easily without any of the usual teething troubles.

5 grams of Tulsi inflorescences, 5 grammes of peepar (sweet flag) and 20 grams of crystal sugar are boiled in 500 grams of water until half of the water is boiled away, and the extract is filtered. One teaspoonful of this extract administered four or five times a day will cure dry cough.

If an infant develops a cough, it will be benefited by the administration of a mixture of five grams of Tulsi leaves, five grams of kakdashingi and five grams of ativish buds crushed together, made into a paste with honey, and the mother’s milk.

Cough can also be cured by letting the child lick Tulsi juice mixed with jethi madh (yashti madu) juice. A mixture of Tulsi leaf juice and kasondara leaf juice is also a good remedy for coughs.

Boil 10 grams of Tulsi leaves, 10 grams of methi seeds and 5 grams of kadu twigs in 50 grams of water till only one-fourth of the water remains. Cool and strain. Using this extract is beneficial in fevers preceded by cold rigours, such as malaria.

If the child has abdominal pains, a slightly warmed mixture of Tulsi and ginger juices will provide relief.

5 grams each of Tulsi leaf juice, ajawan seeds and turmeric are ground to a very fine paste. Twenty-five grams of honey are added, mixed well, and the mixture stored in a glass container. Thirty to sixty drops of this mixture administered two to three times a day to a child suffering from a cold or cough will prove greatly beneficial.

Take ten grams of each of the following ingredients Tulsi leaves, tender shoots of the babul tree, and ajwan seeds. Grind them to a paste. Five grams of this paste are to be boiled with 50 grams of water till only one- fourth of the water remains. The extract is strained and sweetened with some sugar. Giving this extract to a child having fever is sure to prove beneficial, no matter what type of fever it is.

If the abdomen of a baby is distended due to the accumulation of gas, the condition can be relieved by giving it 5 to 10 grams of Tulsi juice, the exact amount given depending on the age of the baby.

In case of diarrhoea accompanying teething, powdered Tulsi leaves should be given to the child with pomegranate syrup.

If a cough is the result of excessive accumulation of phlegm, the juice of Shyama Tulsi mixed with honey will help. This mixture is of great value in the treatment of a child with a tendency to vomit frequently.

In case a baby is suffering from colic, giving it a little powdered stone (dry) ginger with Tulsi leaf juice will afford relief.

If an infant being fed on breast milk and suffers from vomiting and retching, it should be given three drops of Tulsi juice mixed with honey to lick.

If an infant is suffering from a cold or cough, brew tea with four to five Tulsi leaves, and give one or two teaspoonfuls of this tea to the child in the morning and evening. This treatment continued for two days will effect a cure.

Massaging the gums with Tulsi leaf juice mixed with honey will help the baby cut its teeth easily, without the usual troubles associated with teething.

Five to ten drops of Tulsi leaf juice given with water every day will strengthen the muscles and bones of the infant.

Influenza and coughs can be cured by regular administration of 30 to 60 drops of a mixture of 15 grams of Tulsi leaf juice, 15 grams of honey, 5 grams of ginger juice and 5 grams of powdered ajwan seeds.

Fevers and coughs can also be cured by giving the child 10 to 30 drops (according to its age) of a suspension of 2 grams of black pepper powder in 15 grams of Tulsi juice in which 15 grams of crystal sugar have been dissolved.

Heat 200 grams of Tulsi leaf juice with 125 grams of water. Let the liquid simmer for one hour on a low flame. Prepare a thick syrup of 500 grams of sugar, and stir the mixture into the syrup. Administration of 3 to 5 grams of this preparation to a child cures fever, cough and shortness of breath.

If there is a whistling because of the accumulation cold winds, the child should leaves have been boiled, and with warm covering over its to relieve the condition.

Two grams of powdered Tulsi seeds in breast milk or in cow’s milk will cure a baby of diarrhoea. Warmed Tulsi juice will get rid of worms in the stomach of a child. The extract of Tulsi leaves cures a child of vistambh, or thrombosis.

The extract of Tulsi roots sweetened with sugar will relieve constipation and distension of the stomach, ensuring a satisfactory bowel movement. Flatulence caused by indigestion can be relieved by a warm mixture of equal parts of Tulsi juice and betel leaf juice.

Ten grams of Tulsi leaves and ten grams of peepar are ground together to a paste and rolled into small pills of the size of green grams. Three or four of these pills given to a child every day will cure coughs, including whooping cough.

An extract of Tulsi leaves and inflorescence given with jaggery to a child will afford relief in difficulty in breathing. Difficulty in breathing can also be relieved by giving 3 to 5 grams of Tulsi juice to the child according to its age.

Powdered Tulsi seeds given to a child with milk will relieve vomiting. Powdered bark of Tulsi roots given with honey helps an obese child to shed some of the fat.

Extract of Tulsi is an effective remedy for liver disorders of children.

A few drops of warmed Tulsi juice in the ears will relieve earache.

Juices of Tulsi and ginger warmed together, and given with honey when cold to a child keeps the child health and frees it from the threat of disorders like retention of urine and stool, constipation, indigestion, vomiting, hiccus, shortness of breath, cough, fever, cold, etc.


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