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Health and Holy Tulsi



Tulsi and Digestive System


Drinking 10 to 20grams of Tulsi juice sweetened with a little crystal sugar and spiced with a pinch powdered cardamom seeds and a pinch of powdered cloves is beneficial in cases of vomiting. Alternatively the juice can be taken with honey and lemon juice. A mixture of Tulsi and ginger juices with a little honey will also be of benefit in such cases.

Vomiting caused by excess of bile subsides on drinking a mixture of 10 grams of Tulsi juice, 10 grams of ginger juice and 20 grams of lemon juice sweetened with powdered sugar. Vomiting resulting from the concerted action of excessive vata, pitta and kapha can be cured by drinking Tulsi juice to which powdered cardamom seeds have been added. Vomiting ceases on chewing Tulsi leaves with cardamom seeds. Vomiting and lack of appetite are cured by taking a mixture of powdered peepar (piper longum) and powdered Tulsi seeds with honey. Drinking a mixture of 10grams of Tulsi juice and 25grams of water sweetened with 10 grams of sugar cures vomiting caused by fever. Taking cinnamon powder in Tulsi leaf juice is beneficial in cases of vomiting. Tulsi seeds taken with cow’s milk will be of benefit in cases of vomiting.

Taking two grams of the powdered seeds of small cardamoms and 10 grams of sugar mixed with 10 grams of Tulsi juice will also cause vomiting to subside, including vomiting caused by the joint action of the two humours vata and pitta.

Drinking 5 grams of Tulsi juice with 2 grams of gopi chandan will cure vomiting. If one such dose does not have the desired effect, the dose should be repeated.

Drinking 25grams of a mixture of the juices of Tulsi leaves and leaves of the drumstick tree with a little saindbav salt will stimulate digestion and will also induce a satisfactory bowel motion.

If suffering from lack of appetite and poor digestion, mix one teaspoonful of Tulsi juice, one teaspoonful of ginger juice, half a teaspoonful of lemon juice and half a teaspoonful of honey, and lick this mixture (without additional water) some time prior to meals.

The dried panchang (five parts) of the Tulsi plant, and black pepper seeds, powdered according to the prescribed procedure and taken with warm water will cure poor digestion and other disorders of the digestive system.

Take 10 grams of Tulsi juice, 10 grams of powdered dry ginger, 20 grams of aged jaggery. Grind them together and roll into pea-sized pills. Taking one of these pills with hot water every morning, noon and evening will cure dyspepsia poor digestion and allied disorders.

Digestion is stimulated by chewing five leaves of the Tulsi plant after the mid-day meal, or indeed at any other time. Drinking 10grams of Tulsi juice mixed with 5grams of honey and 5 grams of powdered black pepper is a good remedy for poor digestion.

Drinking 10grams of Tulsi leaf juice and 2 grams of black salt with hot water is an effective remedy for dyspepsia. Ingestion of equal quantities of Tulsi leaves and powdered black pepper not only cures dyspepsia, but also proves beneficial in cholera.

Piles can also be cured by taking 10 grams of powdered Tulsi leaves every morning and evening with water. The pain caused by piles can be alleviated by smearing them with the juice of Tulsi leaves. Drinking the juice of equal quantities of Tulsi leaves and the roots of kakjangha (arun), and application of the juice on the painful sores of piles, affords relief.

Burning sensation in the stomach due to excess of bile is relieved by drinking an extract of Tulsi leaves prepared by boiling 10 grams of the leaves in 250 grammes of water till only half of the water remains, cooling the liquid, and sweetening it with sugar.

Taking 10 grams of Tulsi juice affords relief in Rasajadaah, i.e. burning sensation resulting from the ingestion of mercury or of formulations containing mercury. Drinking cardamom and mint powders with tulsi juice cures diarrhoea. Take equal quantities of Tulsi leaves, mandar roots and black pepper. Grind these ingredients together and roll into pills. These pills constitute an effective remedy for cholera.

Another effective treatment for dysentery is the administration of the powder of dried Tulsi leaves with equal quantities of cumin seeds and black salt in curds, or mattha (curds from which the whey has been drained).

Diarrhoea can be cured by regular daily ingestion of a mixture of 2 grams of powdered dry Tulsi leaves and 5 grammes of isabgul (white cumin seeds). Taking 5 dried leaves of Tulsi and 2 grams of black salt in 50 grams of curds is highly beneficial in the treatment of dysentery or diarrhoea. Diarrhoea due to inefficient digestion is cured by administering an extract of Tulsi leaves, to which the powder of saunf (fenel seeds) fried in ghee prepared from cow’s milk, and sugar have been added.

If suffering from recurring stomach ulcers or flatulence prepare a decoction of Tulsi leaves and the leafy part the soya (soya, dill) plant, add a little saindhav salt, an drink it up. Ghee, Tulsi juice and black pepper are taken in equal quantities and ground together. Ten grammes of the resulting mixture taken every morning destroys all abnormalities of vata (vayu). The mixture can be taken with honey if so desired.

Ingestion of 10 grams of the juice of fresh Tulsi leaves every morning s beneficial in eases of dyspepsia and constipation. Drinking a warmed mixture of equal quantities of the juices of Tulsi and ginger cures stomachache. Five grams of powdered Tulsi leaves, five grams of roasted cumin seeds, five grams of bill (bilwa) powder and two grams of black salt are added to 50 grams of curds, and mixed well. This mixture is beneficial in dysentry colic, gripe and inefficient digestion.

Inflammation will subside if a paste obtained by grinding together 10 grams each of the leaves of the Tulsi plant and the leaves of makoy (kakarnachi) is applied over the affected area.

Persistent thirst is relieved by drinking Tulsi juice and lemon juice mixed with water sweetened with sugar.

Boil 10 grams of Tulsi leaves in 100 grams of Water, till only half the water is left, and strain the extract. Drinking this extract will arrest the enlargement of the liver, and cure allied disorders.

Soak 10 grams of Tulsi seeds in 100 grams water overnight. Crush the seeds well in the same water in the morning. Add sugar. Drinking this suspension is beneficial in dysuria.

Drinking Tulsi leaf juice and applying it externally every day will cure all disorders of the liver and the spleen.

Applying a paste of ground Tulsi leaves will cure inflammations.

Hiccups can be cured by taking a teaspoonful of Tulsi juice and half a spoonful of honey in the morning and evening.

Take equal quantities of Tulsi, dry ginger, mulethi (yashti madhu), guruch (serpent stone) and chitraphala. Prepare an extract of these ingredients. This extract is an effective cure for hiccups.


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