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Ayurvedic Medicine System

Health and Holy Tulsi

The Tulsi (alternate spelling Tulasi) plant or Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is an important symbol in many Hindu religious traditions

Health and Holy Tulsi (Tulasi)
Tulsi is a very quite familiar plant. Tulsi can grow in all places and under variety of conditions read full article »

Tulsi aid and Colds, Coughs, Other Respiratory Diseases
Common cold can be caused by exposure to cold winds or bathing in cold water while perspiring with e.. read full article »

Tulsi and Digestive System
Drinking 10 to 20grams of Tulsi juice sweetened with a little crystal sugar and spiced with a pinch .. read full article »

Tulsi and Children's Diseases
In the treatment of children diseases, tulsi constitutes a very mild and harmless medication. read full article »

Tulsi and Men's Diseases
Leaves of Tulsi, hadiakarshan and amarvel, and droppings of camels are crushed and boiled in cow read full article »

Tulsi and Women's Diseases
Because of the ascribed feminity of the tulsi plant, it has been named accordingly. The scriptures r.. read full article »

Tulsi - the Elixir of Life
It is a belief that no disease visits the house that has a cow and Tulsi at its doorstep. read full article »

Tulsi aid and Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat Diseases
Chewing Tulsi and leaves is beneficial for mouth ulcers. Chewing four or five leaves of Tulsi two to.. read full article »

Fever Remedy
Tulsi juice is highly beneficial in cases of malarial fevers. Malarial attack can be aborted by taki.. read full article »

Tulsi aid for Heart and other Diseases
Take 5 grams of Tulsi leaves and 5 grams of the of the brahmi plant. Grind them to powder.. read full article »

Tulsi and Medicinal Formulations Preparation
Wash 10 to 20 fresh leaves of Tulsi, and pound them to a pulp. Mix this pulp with a cupful of water read full article »

Tulsi and Skin Diseases
Tulsi has a very good purifying and antiseptic qualities to a greater extent. Because the strong sme.. read full article »

Therapeutic Applications of Tulsi
Tulsi can be described as "Immortality Herb". It plays a very important part in the elimination of .. read full article »

Treatment of Poisons
In case of poisoning, maximum possible amount of Tulsi juice should be taken. Because this will help.. read full article »

Tulsi in some major Ayurvedic works
Tulsi is known to be a very holy plant among Hindus. The Tulsi plant grows to the height of approxim.. read full article »

Tulsi as Beautifier
Everyone likes to look, and to keep looking beautiful and attractive. Beauty is directly dependent o.. read full article »

Tulsi in Homeopathy
Homeopathy also recognised the importance of Tulsi, and numerous experiments have been carried out .. read full article »

Tulsi and Vata Disorders, Rheumatism and Painful Joints
Tulsi possesses the property of curing disorders caused by variations in the proportion of the vata .. read full article »


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