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Ayurvedic Medicine System

Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurvedic Principles

Aahaara Vidhi (Rules to get food)
Aahaara vidhi means rules for taking food.It is about how, when, and where one should eat. read full article »

Agni (Flame Energy)
Jataraagni changes the food which can be absorbable to the koshtam (intestinal tissues) read full article »

Ayurvedic Principles of Food and Nutrition
Ayurvedic Principles of Food and Nutrition read full article »

Diet According to Prakruthi and Rithu
Prakruthi stands for nature or natural form of constitution.It is state of predominance of doshas (a.. read full article »

Dravyaguna - Basic Principles of Digestion
Ayurveda stands on the basic fundamentals of Pancha Mahabhoothas and Tridoshas. The five mahabhootha.. read full article »

Pathyam and Apathyam (Diet Restrictions)
Pathyam can be followed by both heathy and also person by vyaadhi(disease).It also differs from pers.. read full article »

Some Special Substances
Water forms the basis of evolution and it is an essential factor for the existence of life read full article »

Special Topics
Viruddhaahaara means incompatibility of foods. According to this we cannot take anything that is ed.. read full article »

Ayurvedic Principles - Conclusion
It is possible to analyse any read full article »


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