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Reflexology and colour therapies



Sensitizing the Body to Colour


Every one has the potential to be a channel for healing. In order to dedicate ourself to this lifestyle, discipline is important. A part of this discipline is meditation, which can tune in to our inner tuition, our higher self and which is the divine part of us that knows the answers to all things.

Once you have to decided to become a channel for healing, we have to learn to know ourselves. We have to know our physical body and to sensitize and raise its vibrational frequency.

We can be a good, bad or mediocre channel. How good or bad we are depends on the state of the body, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If we are constantly under stress, worried, allowing our mind to rule us, this interferes with the flow of energy. If our emotional body is unstable and we allow ourselves to over-react and become emotionally involved with other people’s problems as well as our own, again we are causing blockages within ourselves.

If we do not take care of our physical body and create harmony within ourselves by giving ourselves enough rest, the right food, enough exercise and adequate daylight, our body will not serve us well and will not be clear enough to channel the finer energies of healing.

Many of us have abused and taken our physical body so much for granted that we are no longer aware of it. We only notice it if there is pain and disorder. We then run to the doctor and resort to drugs which have side effects, creating further disharmony, in order to relieve the symptom.

Very few of us take the time to stop and listen to our body in an endeavour to find out the cause of the disharmony, to find out what we are doing that is wrong. In order to be able to do this successfully, we need to become aware and in tune with ourselves.

Here are some simple good exercises :

Find a quite place and warm and where you will not be disturbed. Find yourself a blanket to cover yourself and a pillow to place under your head. When the body starts to relax, the metabolic rate slows down and the body becomes cold. Remove or loosen any tight clothing.

Lie down on the floor. Place the pillow beneath your head and cover yourself with the blanket. Make sure that your body is straight with your legs slightly apart. Place your hands on the floor, palms facing upwards, about 6” away from the body. Tuck your chin into your chest so that the cervical (neck) part of your spine is straight.

Try to free your mind of all unnecessary and worrying thoughts. As these thoughts enter your mind, look at them and then visualize them as beautiful bubbles. Allow them to float up into the atmosphere where they gently disperse. As your mind becomes quieter and still, bring your concentration into your physical body.

First concentrate on your feet. Try and visualize the bones, muscles, flesh and skin which form your feet. Feel for any tension in your feet. Gently let go of this tension, allowing your feet to become very heavy and relaxed.

Move up both of your legs. Feel your ankles, calves, shins, knees and thighs. Visualize the bones and muscles which are contained in your legs. Feel for any tension. As you let go of this tension, feel your legs becoming very heavy and relaxed.

From your legs, move up into your abdomen. Experience not only the skeletal structure and the muscles supporting this but also the organs contained in this part of your body. If you do not know about the anatomy of your body, read about it, learn how your body works. By doing this and becoming aware of what is happening to it, you will be conscious when things start to go wrong and learn how to put them right, bringing the body back into harmony. Feel for any tension in your abdomen. If there is tension, release it. Allow your abdomen to relax and to become very heavy. Try to remember that tension not only affects the muscles of the body but all the organs and systems as well.

From your abdomen, move into your solar plexus. This is a place where a lot of tension can accumulate and be felt due to the ganglia of nerve endings here. Try to be aware of any tension or anxiety in this part of your body. Relax. Let go of all tension. It is not part of you and you do not need it.

Move up into your chest. Feel the gentle inhalation and exhalation of the breath, the slow rhythmic beat of your heart. Visualize your ribcage and the muscles which surround it. With each exhalation, release any tension in this part of your body. Your heart is a muscular organ and is also prone to tension.

From your chest move across your shoulders, down both of your arms, into your hands and fingers. Visualize any tension in this part of your being as a grey mist which floats out into the atmosphere and disperses, leaving your hands, arms and shoulders relaxed and heavy.

Lastly, come into your neck and head. Relax your throat and all the muscles surrounding your neck. Relax your tongue, your jaws, your eyes, forehead, the top and back of your head. Allow your neck and head to become very heavy and relaxed.

Lastly, feel the whole of your body, which should now be in a state of complete relaxation. Consciously go through your body and if you find any place where there is still tension, relax it.

Stay in this state of relaxation, for fifteen minutes. If it helps, you can play music during this time, making sure that the tape is long enough to last from the beginning to the end of your relaxation.

When your fifteen minutes have ended, slowly start to come out of relaxation. Start by gently moving your toe then rotating your ankles, flexing the muscles in your legs, moving your fingers, breathing in, raise your arm over your head, stretching your whole body. Breathing out, bring your hands back to the floor. Repeat this twice more. Slowly move your head from side to side, then when you are ready, Open your eyes, roll over onto your right side and sit up.

Sit still for a few minutes and try to be aware of any changes that may have taken place within you. These changes could be mental, emotional or physical. If you would like to, you could keep a note book on your progress.

Try to do this relaxation exercise every day. In doing this you will begin to be aware of yourself and instinctively know what your body does and does not need. Try to set aside the same time each day, as this provides a discipline which you should find easier to follow.

After practising this for two to three weeks, you should be ready to move onto the next stage. Having become acquainted with and aware of your physical body, the next step is to try to feel your aura or electromagnetic field which surrounds you.

This is as follows :

Lie down on the floor and go into relaxation as described in the previous exercise. When your body and mind are in a state of peace and relaxation, bring your concentration into the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. With each exhalation, feel your awareness expanding until it fills the room in which you are lying. In this state, try to feel our seven main energy centres or chakras.

Start with the base or muladhara. Move into the sacral or swadisthana, the solar plexus or maninura, the heart or anahata, the throat or 5huddha, the brow or ajna, and finally to the crown or sahasrara.

The sensation felt at these energy centres varies with individuals. Some people feel heat or cold, others a vibration and a few the sensation of pain. You have to recognize your own sensation for these chakras. If at first you feel nothing, do not be disappointed.

Sensitizing the body takes time and it is important that you work at the speed which is right for you. Whether you can or cannot feel these centres, try to visualize yourself lying in the middle of a rainbow. The colours nearest to your physical body are dense, gradually getting paler and more ethereal the further away they are from you. Try to step outside this scene and look to see if you can discern where each colour radiates from.

Practise this for five to ten minutes and then return from this visualization and relaxation as described earlier. Again, practise this exercise for a couple of weeks before moving on.

Having consciously stepped aside from your physical body to look at and feel the chakras, the next stage is to try to feel each individual chakra and colour. This exercise starts by putting the body into relaxation, then stepping aside from the body. Try to feel and locate the base chakra. Allow yourself to enter this center. Feel the colour red which emanates from it.

When you have completed this, slowly start to come out of relaxation. Gently open your eyes and digest what you have experienced. When you next practise this exercise, at the end, after sitting up, bring your concentration into the palms of your hands.

Remember that in the palm of each hand is a minor chakra. Raise your hands so that the palms are about 4” apart, facing each other. Close your eyes and try to feel an energy building up between your two palms; visualize this as a white ball of light. As this light grows, move your hands further apart. If you practise this in a darkened room, you may be able to see this energy as a white glowing light.

Now place this energy onto any part of your body where there is discomfort and feel it establishing harmony and peace. If this exercise is practised with a friend, you can give this energy to each other. Later on, when you understand and know the meaning of the colours, you can infuse your ball of light energy with the colour needed by yourself or your friend.

For the next exercise, you will need eight pieces of natural material, either cotton or silk. Each piece should be dyed with one of the eight colours of the spectrum.
Find yourself a quiet, warm place and sit either on the floor or on a chair, placing your pieces of material on the floor beside you. Taking one colour at a time, place the material on the palm of your left hand. Hold the palm of your right hand about 6” above the material.

Close your eyes and try to feel through the chakra in your right hand the vibrational frequency of each colour. Make a note of what you experience.
Coloured material can be worn in the form of clothes in order to introduce the correct vibrational frequencies into our body to restore it to harmony. Let us take this example : if you are suffering from a sore throat, a silk turquoise scarf worn round your neck will help. If you are depressed, a bright orange blouse or skirt will help to lift you out of your depression. A blue dress will help if you are under stress. If you are wearing coloured garments to help to bring your body back into harmony, remember to wear white underneath. Otherwise, the colours of the outer garment and the inner garment will blend when daylight passes through them and the colour that you will receive will be a combination of the two.

From using coloured material, you can move on to other living colours found in flowers, grasses, trees and birds.
You can also do exercise by nature’s colours. For this you will need access to a garden or a place where there is grass. It needs to be a dry day and relatively warm.

With bare feet, go outside and walk on the grass. Notice the action of your feet in walking, how they are placed onto the grass and how they are taken off to enable you to walk forward. Try to feel if one part of your foot is more sensitive than the rest. Feel to see if the temperature of the grass is uniform or whether it changes.

After a little while, stand still and, remembering that you have a minor chakra on the sole of each foot, try to feel the colour of the grass through these. Feel this colour flooding your feet and rising up your legs into your trunk, arms, hands and head.

Feel any toxins being removed from your body and the positive and negative energies being brought into balance. Continue to walk very slowly over the grass.

 Reflexology and colour therapies

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