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Reflexology and colour therapies



Reflexology Therapy


Reflexology was rediscovered by Dr William Fitzgerald. To start with, he began to consider the possibility of treating the body through pressure points found on the feet. According to him, a form of treatment by means of pressure points was known in India and China over 5000 years ago. And, perhaps it was set aside in favour of acupuncture which emerged as the stronger growth.

The word ‘reflex’ means an involuntary muscle contraction due to an external stimulus and relayed by a central organ such as the spinal cord.

Reflexology teaches that a vital energy called life force or prana circulates in a balanced rhythmic way between all the organs of the body.

Reflexology also energises every living cell and tissue. If there is any blockage in this energy, the organ where the block occurs becomes affected and diseased.

Our human system is functioning according to the law of polarity, which has two main points. One point is at the top of the head and the other one is at the feet. Ten energy currents are circulating between these two poles, separated as five in each half of the body, between the head and the feet. All these ten energy currents will flow in perpendicular lines which are called as zones. All the organs and muscles of the body are lying within these zones.

In addition to these energy zones, the feet are further divided into three transverse zones :

The first division lies between the phalanges and metatarsals; above this, in zone 1, are the reflexes to the head and neck.

The second division lies between the metatarsals, the cuneiform and cuboid bones. Above this in zone 2 are found the reflexes to the chest and upper abdomen.

The third division lies midway between the calcaneus and the talus bone. Above it are the reflexes to the abdomen and pelvis.

The energy which are terminating on the feet is more powerful than that those terminating on the hands. Therefore, it is far more beneficial and important to treat the feet.

If any blockage is there in any of these zones, the patient can experience the pain when that particular affected area is being treated on the feet. To these painful areas, colour is administered after the normal treatment has been completed.

It is believed that the correct colour will help to release the blockage and also without any pain is another advantage.

Energy blocks in the zones can have many causes like stress, bad diet, a life style that is no longer correct. Eradicating the cause may take many hours of counseling. Sometimes a person can bury it deep in their subconscious mind because it is too painful to cope with. Other people know the cause but are unwilling to discuss it because they are not ready to resolve it. These blocks are frequently hurdles over which we must go if we wish to grow and evolve, but only too often it is easier to stay where we are.

If the cause cannot be found, then the patient will continue to block the energy.


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