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Reflexology and colour therapies



Colour Therapy


What is colour?

Sound, Colour and Healing in the beginning was considered as the sacred darkness and out of this darkness came the light. The light and darkness danced the dance of creation and the colours of the spectrum were born.

When the sun shines after a rain storm, the rainbow appears in the sky. Through each droplet of rain this rainbow shines. If we are in the right place, we are sometimes fortunate enough to see the complete arc of shimmering translucent colours.

If we look through a prism, we will see that everything that has manifested on the earth is surrounded by colour. If you have a prism, try looking through it and you can experience this for yourself.

One of the earliest forms of therapy is probably the colour therapy. Our ancestors were aware of how the colours found in nature affected them. They also realized that the colours of the foods which they ate represented another way of treating themselves.

According to our ancient people, colour was associated with mysticism. Ancient civilizations regarded colour as a manifestation of the light and for this reason they related it to their deities. Greek civilizations identified colour with universal harmony. The lives of the Egyptians were full of colour symbolism, as displayed in their art and their culture. They used the richness of colour in the charms that they wore and in their temples. They will mummify the dead body and adorned with beautiful face masks and ornaments. Their priests wore breastplates of blue, symbolizing the sacredness of their judgements.

Colour has been associated with gods and deities, all through the history. Athena, the daughter of Zeus, is reported to have worn a golden robe. To Ceres, the Roman goddess of nature, the red poppy was sacred. In Brahmanism, yellow is a sacred colour and the colour worn by the Buddha was either yellow or gold.

The sacred colour of Mohammed is green and in Judaism, the holy colours are red, blue, purple and white.

In ancient times, gems were used in Ayurvedic medicine because they were looked upon as a condensation of the seven cosmic rays.

Seven main gems were used for the seven main colours. They are : ruby (red), pearl (orange), coral (yellow), emerald (green), topaz (blue), diamond (indigo) and sapphire (violet). These gems were always examined through a prism to ascertain their true cosmic colour, as their users believed that the manifested colour was not always the true colour essence of the stone.

Apart from these main seven, two others were used. These were onyx, which they believed radiated the ultraviolet ray, and cats-eye for the infra-red ray. These gems were made into medicine in two ways. They were either burnt ashes and the ash administered to the patients, or the gems were kept in alcohol for seven days so that the alcohol could absorb the vibrations of the gem.Gemstones are still used in this Way in Ayurvedic medicine.

Each of the colours of the spectrum has its own vibration. Therefore, by Using colour on its own or in conjunction with another therapy, we can maintain or alter the vibrations of the body to a frequency which induces health and harmony.

Each cell, organ, muscle and bone in the human body vibrates to a set frequency. If this frequency changes, it causes disease. The cause for these changes are many but the greatest cause is stress.

If one of the cells of our body is at the wrong frequency, it affects its ectromagnetic field. This will then affect the force field of the related organ, eventually spreading to affect the auric field surrounding us. If we introduce back into this organ the correct vibration through the frequency of colour, we can rebalance its altered function. The body always has the tendency to revert back to its pattern, given the right conditions.

Each of our auric bodies has its own frequency of vibration, like our manifested physical body. If one of these bodies is vibrating at the wrong frequency, then the rest will also get affected. Everything that we do affects our aura and if what we are doing is detrimental, then an imbalance in the vibration occurs. This changes its colour and reflects itself in the endocrine glands nervous system and organs of the physical body.

Our body is light-sensitive and colour can be transmitted through the use of stained glass onto the body of a person or it can be applied to the body through crystals. To work with colour therapy, one has to sensitize the most perfect instrument which we have, namely the human body, and open this up as a pure channel for the colours of the universe to flow through.

Learning how to visualize and to feel colour is also important.


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