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The chakra reflexes


The reflexes to the seven main chakras are situated along the arch of the foot where the spinal reflex is located. When treating a patient, first it is very important that these should be worked with. Dis-harmony in the body can be caused by blockages in these energy levels.

At the back of the calcaneus is situated the base chakra. The sacral chakra is where the calcaneus and navicular bones join. The solar plexus is at the back of the cuneiform bone, just before it joins the navicular bone. The heart chakra is in the centre of the metatarsal bone. The throat chakra is found where the phalanges meet the metatarsal bone. The brow chakra is where the first and second phalanges meet and the crown chakra is at the top of the first phalanges, the top of the big toe.

It is especially important to work with these centres if a person is suffering from a hormonal imbalance or a problem associated with one of the endocrine glands, remembering that each chakra is associated with one of these glands.

We can also bring colour into these energy centres with the reflexology torch. If the chakras only need to be brought back into balance, then we can use the dominant colour of each chakra, but if there is a physical problem in the area governed by the chakra then we should apply to the chakra the colour related to the physical problem.

Example :

For the hypertension patient we can administer blue to the solar plexus chakra, or if they were suffering from a ‘broken heart’ caused by the breakup of a relationship or a marriage, or were suffering a bereavement, then we can use violet followed by rose pink in the heart chakra.

Violet or amethyst heal a broken heart and rose pink refills it with spiritual love.

Malfunctions of chakras

Base Chakra : This is the seat of kundalini or shakti power in yoga philosophy. It is where the union of the three subtle fires takes place; solar fire, fire by friction and electric fire. If the kundalini is raised prematurely, it can burn the protective etheric webb. This leads to nervous instability and can cause insanity.

Sacral Chakra : If this centre is not functioning properly, it can express destructive energies such as lust, anger, passion, pride and aggressiveness.

Solar Plexus Chakra : This centre is very active in the average person. It is the centre for desire and emotions. These must eventually be expressed as aspirations and raised into the heart centre. Malfunction of this chakra leads to nervousness, emotional instability, skin eruptions and hallucinations. It can promote cancer if the energies from the heart fail to find expression on the physical plane.

Heart Chakra : When this centre is correctly awakened, the energies from the solar plexus are raised to the heart chakra and expressed as love and good will. When this centre is out of balance, it can lead to heart attacks, stomach ulcers, an unhappy emotional life, fear, bitterness and resentment.

Throat Chakra : This is the creative centre, especially of the spoken word. Imbalances can be caused by sudden emotional shocks. When unbalanced it can cause asthma, vertigo, allergies, anaemia, fatigue, menstrual problems, sore throats and laryngitis.

Brow Chakra : This centre expresses idealism and imagination. When fully awake it leads to the gift of psychic powers. Imbalances lead to sinus problems, catarrh, hay fever, sleeplessness, mental stress, migraine pessimism and self-pity.

Crown Chakra : This is the centre of higher consciousness. If this centre is opened prematurely by the use of hallucinatory drugs, for example, then it can lead to epilepsy coma and psychic maladjustments.

Splenic Chakra : It is through this centre that vitality is taken from the sun in the form of prana. Its incorrect function leads to depletion of energy, fatigue, depression, anaemia and lack of vitality.


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