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Alternative and Complementary Therapies



Laughter Therapy


Laughter is said to be addictive. It gives a sense of well being because of release of endorphins and neuropeptides. By ensuring the inhalation of more oxygen, the lifeline of the system, it makes people feel better. It also decreases stress, leading to a reduced stiffness of muscles - muscle relaxation easing headaches, body aches and other muscular problems.

Blood vessels get dilated and because of this blood pressure falls by 10-20 mm mercury after 10 minutes of laughter - very useful for patients suffering from hypertension.

With levels of antibodies and natural killer cells going up with laughter, it also improves the immunity - evident from thousands of laughter club members who have decreased incidences of cough and cold.

It proves a potent anti-stress factor, decreases asthmatic attacks, increases stamina, relives arthritic pain, ensures good sleep and elevates mood. Since the serotonin levels go up after laughter, it is an effective antidote for depression too. Haasya Yoga is a method of group laughter that is based on yogic techniques.

The exercises are designed based entirely on yoga stretching, breathing and variety of stimulated laughs, starting with deep breathing. As simulation helps stimulation, exercise- induced laughter - that compliments but is not a substitute for natural laughter - increases the capacity for the latter.

Helping individuals increase their capacity to laugh more, be more self-confident and self-expressive can have a positive effect on their health. Desirable qualities are cultivated, and removing negative emotions as jealousy, fear, guilt and anger.

The concept of a laughter bank, where people come up with creative ideas for different types of laughter, for instance is to bring in play fullness into the atmosphere. The fun, frolic and childish attitude generated not only reduces all kinds of inhibitions, but also curtails tensions.

Under certain conditions however, laughter therapy is not recommended in conditions of
  • Patients with hernia, advanced piles,
  • eye complications,
  • Angolan pain
  • those who have just undergone major surgery
  • Pregnant woman should also preferably avoid
  • Patients suffering from tuberculosis,
  • chronic bronchitis and other respiratory infections
Even a normal person experiencing discomfort while laughing, must discontinue immediately and seek expert medical help.should not venture into this therapy without the explicit advice of a doctor.


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