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By joining hands with Hecapedia , you are helping to build the most comprehensive and widely distributed Social Knowledge Platform of the Web. The Hecapedia is a diverse community of professional editors representing many nationalities, cultures, and interests.

The common denominator is an interest in creating an unbiased, objective resource for the general public, fully covering the gaps of human knowledge, and representing all topics and points of view.

The Hecapedia Editing guidelines outline the principles and standards governing the Hecapedia Wiki editorial content and community activity. All editors are expected to follow these guidelines, and use them as a basis for good editorial decision making and common-sense judgment.

While there are definitive polices, many guidelines are sufficiently generalized to allow for unique and special circumstances. While it is critical that you follow these guidelines, it is equally important that you not apply them so rigidly that you sacrifice user-friendliness for the sake of editorial purity and the content. Its strongly advised to remember and keep the Public end-user in mind.

Selecting and evaluating Contents for the article
Quality content means which provides deeper information, reference and additional library resource on the specific area.
Contents should give well readability to layman reader is important.
The current version supports only english contents and we will be working to support 'Non english' and other 'Multi-lingual' contents for the future.

Contents can also be mailed to

Nothing on this web site, in any way to be viewed as medical advice. All contents should be viewed as general information only.
All health care decisions should only be made with consultation from your physician.

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