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Hecapedia has partnered with Bloodtable to roll out the Healthcare Services offered by them.

Here is a primer on the nature of services...

Bloodtable uses telecommunication and electronic information technology for the provision of information exchange on Safe Blood & AIDS Prevention - including medical education from a distance. Connecting and providing general public and healthcare professionals including those living in rural or remote areas, particularly those unable to access relevant health expertise in their place, is an area of particular interest for Bloodtable.

Healthcare professionals have readily adopted many of the technological advancements however exchange of Knowledge have not yet been put to good clinical use. Bloodtable has been heightened recently due to the technological advances, and with large readily available information warehouse in it.

Bloodtable commits itself to deliver quality, cost effective blood care, provides safe and fast blood information to all when and wherever required. We also connect all the blood banks and provide the stock position online so that the users can reach with ease.

Bloodtable can be used to educate the general public about safe blood, blood donation, Aids awareness, Diabetic information, etc.. In short A-Z of blood.

Bloodtable is a single link to reach public and the medical fraternity for the information related to blood and its safety. We take information to the pubic through the use of Kiosks and create awareness on Safe Blood through our programs for educational institutions.

Diabetes - Bloodtable provides Diabetes info and can be a one source partner in diabetes campaigns and above all Bloodtable can also be used as a telehealth facility for diabetes.

AIDS - Bloodtable contains large database of AIDS info and can be a partner in your aids campaigns. Bloodtable can also be used as a telemedicine facility for AIDS care.

Nothing on this web site, in any way to be viewed as medical advice. All contents should be viewed as general information only.
All health care decisions should only be made with consultation from your physician.

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