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Hecapedia has been coined from the words 'Health','Care' and'encylcopedia','He'+'Ca'+'Pedia'='Hecapedia'. This is being done for uniqueness and memorability and thus describe business where we are in. Hecapedia is an online community project. The main goal of Hecapedia project is to produce a healthcare encyclopedia for most comprehensive knowledge share on the web by relying on a vast powerful squad of volunteer editors and professionals.

The primary goal of the Hecapedia project is to produce the most comprehensive healthcare knowledge share point on the web by relying on a vast powerful squad of SME editors.

This Hecapedia is an online solution for healthcare information. Thus, it is important to have the ability to work well with other editors all over the globe, in addition to having a critical eye for a knowledge collaborating organization.

It has so many health topics covered like healthy living, baby and child care, pregnancy and parenting, beauty and nature, exercise and fitness, diet and nutrition, alternative and complementary therapies, ayurvedic medicine system, health and food care, drugs and medicines, addictions and related problems, disease and disorder information, women’s health, men’s health, human vital signs, senior’s health, safety and first aid tips, health tools and calculators, etc,.

Hecapedia can be a platform for healthcare information. In other words, it is a knowledge collaborating organization. Hecapedia is more users friendly. Anyone can use Hecapedia easily. He need not be an expert user. The user can view or post the contents in a very easy manner without any technical knowledge, i.e, Coding, etc.

Any user can post an article or content in Hecapedia. For example, if a user posts an article in Hecapedia, it will be viewed by other panel editors also and if that article is authorized by any other three editors, it can be approved and will be placed in the site.

Anyone can become an editor in Hecapedia. If a user posts more than four or five articles in Hecapedia and if all those articles got approved by the editors, he will be sent an application. This application will be viewed by some five editors who are already in Hecapedia and if they authorize the user’s application, he can become an approved editor in the site. Then, he can join with other editors in the Hecapedia Editors Squad.

The Hecapedia Project's goal is to produce a comprehensive knowledge share point on the web by relying on a vast powerfull squad of Professional editors. The Hecapedia Project is a social online for health. Thus, it is important to have the ability to work well with other editors, in addition to have critical eye for knowledge collaborating.

Nothing on this web site, in any way to be viewed as medical advice. All contents should be viewed as general information only.
All health care decisions should only be made with consultation from your physician.

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